Lightweight, compact, manoeuvrable, fast - Tutis Sport is specially designed for those who can't stand still, love car trips, stays, long walks.

In addition to all the good features of Sport - lightness, space for a baby, maneuverability, compactness - we have added the gained good experience to the TUTIS Sport model by using an easily foldable and extremely safe lightweight aluminum chassis. The model stands out for its bright style, sporty spirit and a large number of innovative solutions.

  • Waterproof fabrics
  • Fabrics are moisture resistant! The outer fabrics are covered with a special membrane that does not allow moisture to enter the inside of the stroller. It is a great choice when traveling in the city or in nature when rainy weather suddenly catches up.
  • Shock absorption
  • The latest technology has made it possible to create a front wheel fork that is flexible and absorbs the force of uneven road resistance and absorbs the shock of a possible impact.
  • 5-point seat belts
  • The possible impact is distributed evenly in five directions, thus reducing the load on the baby.
  • Real Gel ™ castors
  • The tires are filled with a special gel material, which allows to extend the service life of the wheel and does not cause additional worries for wheel maintenance.
  • One Click ™ brakes
  • One-click brakes ensure the highest level of safety and easy and fast use of the brakes.
  • ECO room
  • The leather used in TUTIS strollers is free of harmful phthalates, thus maintaining a healthier environment for the child and a sense of luxury.
  • Smart amortization
  • Smart chassis shock absorbers that adapt to the changing weight of the child, regulate the smooth and efficient damping process when the stroller is of any complexity road.
  • Complete security.
  • Due to the strict safety requirements, all the hinges of the trolley frame do not have open cavities, thus providing effective protection against finger pinching.

  • Internal dimensions of the seat - 90x39.5 cm
  • The total weight of the whole structure is 10.7 kg
  • Dimensions of the folded chassis - 76x33x55 cm

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