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Double - Sided Baby Nest commonly known as a cocoon. Designed for the youngest to provide a cozy place to rest.

Inside the nest, the baby is wrapped in soft edges, which gives it a sense of security and protects it from being exposed.

The Nest is a form of a portable baby cot for newborns.

The Nest has multiple applications. You can use it to sleep in parent's bed (the baby is safe and parents are sure they will not harm it by accident) or insert it into a standard baby bed/cot. This way you give your toddler a more cozyplace to sleep, which is very important in the first months of life.

It also works well as a portable cot - in the livingroom, on the terrace or when traveling. The baby lying on the couch does not have to be cushioned anymore - the sponge that surrounds it keeps him/her safe in place.

Cocoon can also be used as a mattress or the first playground for children. The Nest is also helpful in learning how to lie on the tummy and how to lift the head.

Baby Nest is made of the best quality cotton. All available patterns are specially designed for Sleepee. They attract the attention of the child and develop its senses.

The Nest is filled with an anti-allergy sponge that gives your child comfort and extra softness. Handmade with the highest accuracy, which gives you confidence that it is unique.

Its length and width can be adjusted with a cotton lace. The smaller the child, the more narrow the space is by adjusting the strings. Later, you can leave the strings completely loose, spread the sides of the socket so that it can serve as a change mat.

As the only one on the market, it has a removable soft mattress, which makes it possible to position the baby on the carpet without adding additional elements.

The Nest can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees without spin –you only have to unzip and remove bottom mattress.


Length inside: 70 cm

Internal Width: 30 cm


Material 100% highest quality cotton with a unique Sleepee design

Cotton and print have OEKO-TEX 100 Class I certificate


Sides: anti-allergic sponge

Mattress: anti-allergic mattress used in baby cots

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