Meet a unique and colourful collection that will make you stand out from the crowd. The new SOLE stroller has been created to allow your child to dream freely, attract attention, and become an important part of your family's style.

With a light, compact folding frame, modern shock-absorbing system and reliable amortization system, this stroller is useful companion for urban families on the move.

The new SOLE stroller is the perfect combination of style and comfort — the image reflected in modern parents.



The strong and light aluminum frame ensures the chassis is reliable and durable. The anticorrosive characteristics of the 6061 aluminum alloy were tested in extreme conditions to ensure its robustness.

In compliance with strict safety regulations, there are no cavities in any of the SOLE frame bending points to eliminate any chance of clasping one’s fingers. Due to its exceptional features, the chassis has maneuverability.


The internal fabrics are made from cotton and provide pleasant sense of coziness and naturalness for the interior of the baby stroller. The lower part of the cradle’s mattress is made from natural coconut fiber.

The hoods of the carrycot and seat unit are coated with quality of exclusive polyester that is resilient to wind, rain and snow, and quickly evaporates the moisture that builds up inside. The special antistatic finishing of the stroller fabrics protects it from soiling. High-quality fabrics have UV 50+ protection that prevents fading of fabrics.


ONE-CLICK™ brake system

The ONE-CLICK™ brake system has been designed for quick and easy operation, thus providing the greatest safety. Thanks to this system, the stroller can be stopped with just one click.

REAL-GEL wheels

The SOLE stroller has REAL-GEL™ wheels. These wheels are filled with a special gel that extends the durability and makes sure that no additional maintenance of the wheels is required.

Height adjustable eco-leather handle

Stroller handles are covered with eco leather, which adds a touch of luxury. The chassis grip has additional bending angles, due to this feature hands don’t get as tired when pushing the stroller.

Spacious seat unit

The SOLE seat unit is distinguished by its spaciousness (39x94 cm), which is 26% more than the other strollers.

Seat unit foldable with chassis

The SOLE frame can also be folded together with the seat unit, which saves up to 38% more space than using a standard stroller, which further simplifies the daily worries of parents and walking with the baby.

5-POINT harness system

The safety of the baby is provided by a 5-point system of seat belts. Their height can be adjusted according to the height of the baby. The SOLE stroller crossbar has an additional safety strap so that the baby does not slip out of the seat unit.

LIE-FLAT option

Seat unit has the ability to be lowered to fully horizontal position, which allows baby’s muscles to relax. The hood of the SOLE seat unit has two additional windows: ventilation and fabric, those can be completely lowered to provide an oasis for the baby's comfortable travel.

2 strolling positions

The seat unit can be turned in different directions: facing the world or the parents.




Carrycot footcover


Seat unit

Seat unit footcover

Protective handle of seat unit

Hand bag

Shopping bag

4 wheels

Rain cover

Mosquito net

Cup holder


Pram body inside dimensions/ weight: 81,5x38 cm/ 4,7 kg

External dimensions of the chassis with cradle/ weight: 99x62x130 cm / 14,2 kg

External dimensions of the folded chassis/ weight: 86x62x36 cm/ 9,5 kg

Seat unit inside dimensions/ weight: 95x38 cm/ 4,7 kg

External dimensions of the chassis with seat unit/ weight: 99x62x119 cm/ 14,2 kg

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