SLEEPEE Swaddle wrap - Every Parent’s Essentials! It's a product that will meet your child's needs.

Not everyone knows that before birth, the baby is beginning to adapt to the rhythm of day and night of its parents. When it appears in the world, its rhythm of sleep, however, is not yet regulated. A swaddle is a tool to organize your baby's sleep and wake-up cycle by recreating the environment from its mothers tummy.

What does the SLEEPEE Swaddle wrap give to your child?

- it reflects the conditions known from the mother's belly, so children feel safe - such a tight environment was familiar to them for 9 months.

- it lengthens the baby's sleep

- it significantly alleviates the symptoms of colic

- prevents awakening by eliminating moro reflex

- it excludes self-inflicted scratching that toddlers tend to do

- it instantly calms the baby

What makes SLEEPEE Swaddle wrap different from the others?

The Sleepee swaddle is the most flexible product of its kind on the market. Up to 8% of elastane admixture allows the child to move freely while swaddled. Unlike most of these products available on the market, the inner side of our swaddle does not have a looped structure (it does not look like the left side of sweatshirt), so it does not irritate the baby's sensitive skin.

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