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The first TUTIS ZIPPY model was launched in the year 2010. Over the decade, Tutis Zippy captured the hearts of thousands of families and became an indispensable traveling companion. Zippy is back. Better than ever. Time tested stroller with top-class innovations is ready to conquer the world.

Families will be able to choose Zippy stroller from various range of colours and styles. The tribune collection inspired by the legendary Zippy crafted with bold elements, which gives playfulness and exclusivity to the solid stroller. Those who appreciate the classic style will be able to choose Zippy stroller from 9 different colours.

The TUTIS engineers, who were following the latest tendencies and innovations, were able to present new technical solutions integrated into the new Zippy.



The safest carrycot for your baby. Based on advanced Thermo technology, carrycot prevents inadequate changes in temperature, ensures safety and is easy to carry.

Maneuverable chassis with double shock-absorption system

When traveling and moving, indoors or outdoors, it is vital that the stroller folds easily and take up as little space as possible. Tutis Zippy is not only extremely compact and lightweight but also has a durable frame system. The rear shock-absorption system adapts to the baby’s weight and absorbs bumps on the road. An adjustable shock-absorption system can be set as preferred depending on the road surface to provide harder or softer absorption. In compliance with strict safety regulations, there are no cavities in any of the Tutis Zippy frame bending points to eliminate any chance of clasping one’s fingers.

Comfortable seat unit

The seat unit and reliable sewing are optimized to the finest detail, and the noise-proof hood pulls down fully to create an oasis for extremely comfortable travel. The ergonomic seat design has 6-positions: from sitting up to explore the world to a comfortable flat sleeping position. Due to sophisticated engineering, the seat unit of the stroller compactly folds quickly and easily.


2nd generation Real gel™ wheels

RealGel™ wheels are filled with a special gel that extends the durability and makes sure that no additional maintenance of the wheels is required.

Peek-a-boo window

This is a window in your stroller canopy you can open to peek at your baby. This is a perfect solution for parents who love to be able to see their little ones without breaking stride.

One Click™ brakes

One Click™ brakes were created for the simple and instant activation, thus ensure the highest safety.

Height adjustable eco-leather handle

Handlebar that adjust to different heights makes pushing the baby pram easier and more comfortable.

Ventilation of bassinet canopy and strolling module

The easy to unmount main hood reveals the unique structure of the secondary hood with a panoramic window that ensures the greatest ventilation possible. The hoods of the carrycot and seat unit are coated with exclusive quality polyester that is resilient to wind, rain and snow, and quickly evaporates the moisture that builds up inside.

Strolling module setting for with or against the direction of travel

Reversible seat means whatever age your child, you can choose the seat facing direction that'll work for you both. Parent facing, your little one can look at you when she's in her pushchair, so you can chatter away face-to-face. While world facing adds stimulation from everything going on out there.

What's in the box

1. Carrycot

2. Seat unit

3. Sport chassis

4. Cup holder

5. Protective handle of seat unit

6. Mother bag

7. Cover for carrycot

8. Cover for seat unit

9. Coconut mattress

10. Rain protection

11. Mosquito net

12. Shopping bag

13. Mattress cover


Pram body inside dimensions / weight: 85×38 cm / 3,2 kg

Seat unit inside dimensions / weight: 94×38 cm / 5,3 kg

Car seat inside dimensions / weight: 71×31,5 cm / 3,2 kg

Chassis + wheels: 7,8 kg

Folded fits into the space: 75x60x36,5*Dimensions : length, width, height, weight.

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