Baby stroller buying guide

Tip no. 1

Find out what you need.

There are different types of strollers, so when choosing, it is important to know exactly what you need - a universal, sports or stroller - umbrella?

Universal trolley:

Universal bogies are bogies whose chassis can be used with a cradle, car seat and seat. Because the stroller is designed for long-term use at all stages of a child’s development, it has a sturdy chassis, large wheels with good passability, and an improved damping system. By putting your baby in such a stroller, you will be sure that he feels comfortable. Although the seat with the chassis will weigh heavier compared to other strollers, this option is the most economical as you will no longer need to buy a separate stroller.

Advantages: strong, child-friendly, economical.

Disadvantages: heavier, less compact.

Sports trolley:

Sports wheelchair - an intermediate option between a wheelchair umbrella and a universal wheelchair. For the baby, this stroller, like the seat of the universal stroller, provides comfort: you can adjust the position of your back and legs, and it has plenty of space, the stroller has large, soft wheels and high-quality shock absorbers. Parents will love the stroller because it is lighter and more compact than the universal stroller. The seat is inseparable from the chassis and folds together, saving space for transport.

Advantages: sturdy, child-friendly, passable, lighter than a universal stroller.

Disadvantages: more expensive option compared to the umbrella - the stroller is heavier and larger.

Trolley umbrella:

A stroller umbrella will be a great option if you are traveling by plane but plan to push the stroller on a level pavement. Folding extremely compactly and quickly - like an umbrella - the stroller is very light and quite spacious, but has small wheels, often almost no shock absorbers, poorly formed back support, so the comfort of the stroller for the baby - less compared to other stroller variants. this is a pretty good choice as this type of stroller can be found at a wide range of prices.

Advantages: very light and compact, inexpensive.

Disadvantages: often - inconvenient for the child.

Tip no. 2

Choose a stroller that suits your lifestyle.

Many brands offer a wide selection of models adapted to life on the highway. Such strollers usually weigh a little more, but have additional shock absorbers and are more suitable for riding on uneven surfaces. Wheelchairs for busy city life are usually more manoeuvrable, lighter and more compact, so if you live in a less spacious home, such a wheelchair would be more suitable for you.

If you can’t imagine your life, even when your baby is born, without travel, we recommend choosing compact strollers with a lightweight chassis and a folding cradle.

Tip no. 3

Choose what your baby needs.

If you are looking for a stroller for a newborn, choose a stroller that has a cradle and a car seat suitable for the 0-13 kg weight category.

The crib and highchair give the newborn a supine position that is necessary for the proper development of the body. When lying down, the baby's lungs are not compressed, which gives him enough oxygen, as well as a comfortable position for the intestines, so the development of this system remains correct. It is not recommended to place the baby upright for up to 6 months, when the musculoskeletal system is already sufficiently strong and the baby can sit on its own.

Tip no. 4

What is the budget for a wheelchair?

Predicting the amount and estimating how long you plan to use the stroller can help answer this question. Prices can range from € 200 to € 2,000, so it can be hard not to get lost at first.

It is best, however, to decide what you need - to choose the brands you like and to evaluate which parts of the stroller you will use, such as a cradle or car seat.

Once you have a budget, we recommend choosing a stroller according to your lifestyle - if you need a maneuverable and compact stroller, then look for strollers in this category:

Tip no. 5

Consider what accessories you will need.

While many all-purpose carts are sold complete with accessories, sometimes you can assemble them yourself.

If you are planning to buy a car seat and stroller from different manufacturers, find out if the adapters that will connect the seat to the chassis will be suitable for a particular brand of seat.

If you plan to use the stroller during the extremely cold season, we recommend purchasing gloves that fit on the stroller and sleeping bags. If you will be using the cradle in the fall or summer and not all accessories are included, consider purchasing rain protection and a mosquito net.