Quality guarantee

24 months quality guarantee - for Lithuanian prams

The main features of each product sold by Tipi Tapi are generally indicated in the product description accompanying each product, as well as on the websites of the brands and manufacturers. All goods sold on TipiTapi.lt are covered by the manufacturer's warranty, the terms and other conditions of which can be found in the product descriptions and warranty cards. After purchasing the goods, it is necessary to carefully inspect and read the operating instructions and basic information related to the product before use.

Warranty conditions:

when using the product, the buyer follows the instructions for use attached to the product;

the product has been used for its intended purpose in accordance with the instructions for use provided by the manufacturer of the product and supervised in accordance with the maintenance rules;

the warranty covers defects in the quality of the goods caused by the fault of the manufacturer and the transportation of the goods by the seller.

The buyer loses the right to free warranty service in the following cases:

the buyer has not complied with the rules of operation and maintenance of the goods;

the product (s) was / were damaged due to the buyer's fault;

the product has been affected by force majeure.

Please inform the contacts indicated on the website mazuciams.lt about the observed defect during the use of the product. UAB "Mažutis" corrects, completes or replaces the quantitative or qualitative discrepancies identified during the warranty period with quality ones at its own expense. UAB "Mažutis" undertakes to eliminate the production defect within 15-45 working days from the registration of the claim in the company.

Please note that if you want the product warranty to be valid for the entire warranty period, please read the operating instructions carefully and use the product in accordance with it.